Feature Request: Copy Variable Names from "Preferences: Variables" Window

I have been finding the "Preferences: Variables" window quite useful and informative, especially in looking for macros that would benefit from having their variables localized. However, it's a bit painful to have to type the variable names into the Editor Search field because the variable names cannot be copied from that window.

For instance, in the above display, I'm pretty sure the MouseStartPos is not a value that I need to hang on to through KBM restarts and system reboots, but there it is. If it's even in a macro that still exists, it would be better deleted and replaces with a Local variable. That process would be helped by being able to copy the variable name to paste it into the Editor search field.

You can just select the variable name, and press Meta-C/Copy to copy the name.

OK, that's really weird. That is, of course, what I tried initially, and it didn't work. Which is why I posted the request. I tried it again, just now, and it still didn't work. Several times. And then it did. Sticky keyboard? Who knows. Yes, expected behavior is there, if I bang on it long enough.

Thanks for suggesting the obvious, which didn't work and then it did. I'm tempted to delete the thread.