Feature Request: Enhancements to Plug In Definition (plist) File

Dear @peternlewis - To improve the flexibility of the definition of third party plug ins (and to better support the plug ins I am developing) I would like to see the following enhancements to the definitions (plist) file:

  1. Initial value for "Failure Aborts Macro" - true/false
  2. Initial value for "Notify on Failure" - true/false
  3. Color - None/Red/Orange/Yellow/etc.
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Noted. 1 & 2 may happen. 3 will not happen - color is a user setting, not something the action can configure.

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Great! But you’ve got an advantage over me there as I didn’t know there was a distinction between “user setting” and the other kind of setting (whatever that’s called).

Nothing, it is simply that the action can control the defaults for notification/aborting or errors, and that varies from action to action, where as actions do not control their default color.

Clearly they could, as my programming friends would often say “It's just code”, but in this case it would be a deviation from what is expected for an action to have a default color, so I am not going to be implementing that.

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Thanks for the clarification, Peter (@peternlewis)