[Feature Request?] Find all uses of an action

Continuing the discussion from Named Clipboard Question:

Wanting to change all Type a Keystroke ⌘C to the action Copy, it occurred to me that it would useful to have a way to find all uses of a selected action. To some extent I can do this by searching (e.g., for “Keystroke”), but that gets other things to, including macros with “Keystroke” in their name.Continuing the discussion from How do you use Palettes (if you do)?:

Search for

“Type the ⌘C Keystroke”

With the quotes.


Would this work even if I renamed the action (i.e. right-clicked and did “rename”)?

No, it will not find it if you have renamed it. It probably could I suppose.

That’s OK. I’ll learn to name things so I can find specification actions. And I can always export and search the XML.

Thanks for the info!