Feature Request for "Prompt with List": Use the "Up Arrow" Key to Navigate from the 1st Item to the Last

See screenshot below:

I'm wondering if anyone else would like to have this feature?

Hey @martin,

I'm not seeing it. What's your use-case?


I want to be able to quickly go to the last item or second to the last item, etc.
In the example case above, i have numbered the list, but i don’t always have the list numbered, and in many cases, typing one or two letters is not enough to filter the list, if it makes sense.

In other words – you want the Up-Arrow to wrap from the top to the bottom?

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Thanks for clarifying for me.
I did not know how to say it clearly. I thought a screenshot could help others understand what i meant. But as I reread it, I can see why others may still not understand. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for not giving up on me.

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