Feature Request: Gear Menu > Open Subroutine in New Window

Also for Execute a Macro, add an entry to the Gear menu to open the subroutine or macro in a new window so I can look at it without having to dig around.


There is already a way to (mostly) do this by using @ccstone's excellent macro

It doesn't open the target macro in a new editor window but it could probably be modified to do that.

Thanks. When you open a new window it has the same selection as the original window, so just throw a menu command to open the new window before the AppleScript. (or trigger the cmd+ctrl+N shortcut to open a window)

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Hey @peternlewis,

I missed this entirely, because I very seldom work with more than one window open.

Please consider adding make new window to the Keyboard Maestro Editor's AppleScript dictionary.

I'll have a low end M1 Mini soon, so I'll be able to use more real estate and be able to use more than one window in the editor effectively.


I'm not sure there is sufficient cause for this when it is easily done with the menu or command key.

It would make it easer to set up automated workflows to display the current macro (or other) in a new window.

It also would be consistent with most AppleScriptable apps that can have more than one open window/document.