Feature Request: Handle (At Least Some) Variables Like Hazel

If there's one feature that KM should 𝚌̶𝚘̶𝚙̶𝚢̶ steal from Hazel, it'd be how to handle some variables like dates.

Hazel example:

That way we'd have more control over how things work and look before running a macro (see where it says "Example" and a preview of the output.
Would save asking tons of questions in the forum.

...We'd also avoid creating topics like the "What week is it?" and "What Year is it?!"

I started this topic thinking about your tabulation comment:

but guess I went off topic :man_shrugging:

Hey @hello,

Most of those are basically like Keyboard Maestro's Text-Tokens only prettier.

But I take your point.


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