Feature Request: Have KM register as an OS X Extension

I would like to see KM register as an OS X extension and allow the calling app to pass objects to KM. I am a heavy user of the Workflow app on the iPad. I find the workflow that is enabled by the sharing extension to be vastly superior to KM because I can take objects that have been created by one app and not saved to the file system and act upon them and send them to another app.

For example, one such workflow is taking a PDF that is in an email message, renaming it, saving it to Dropbox, and sending it off to a client with comments.

I understand that this could be done by copying the document and then using KM to act on the clipboard. I think that skipping that clipboard step is much cleaner.

KM can easily do that without copying the PDF to the clipboard. You may need to use a script to interface with various apps.

Thanks for the thought JMichaelTX.

But, for every different app from which I want to grab a PDF, I have to
write a different script. If KM was registered as an extension, I get a
reference to the object without a separate script. I’d spend my life
scripting instead of doing my real work.

It just seems to be such a natural fit for KM. I’m always frustrated that
it is not in the Mac share sheet.

Kind regards,
Judi Smith

One KM option is to create a macro that watches a specific folder, and then processes anything put in that folder. Then you could just drag/drop (or Save AS to the folder) the PDF (or any attachment) from Mail (or any app) to the watched folder, and that would trigger the KM macro.

Sure. Just less elegant than using a share sheet.

What about if I want to work with the email message itself?

Yes, there are other ways to get at it. But nothing quite as straight
forward as the share sheet.

Kind regards,
Judi Smith


Interesting idea and potentially very useful. Thanks for suggesting this.

Hey Judi,

I don’t believe Mail has any share options for messages.

AppleScript is your only real choice for working with messages (although there are a few Automator actions).


How would you specify which macro to execute?

Apple Mail does not but AirMail does.

Ideally you would be presented with a list. It would be even better if one
could specify the input that a particular macro could take, then have the
list only show macros that take the kind of input being offered by the
share sheet.