Feature Request: Highlight First Character in a Group Palette

Feature request: Make it work exactly like the Conflict Palette, which highlights the first character.

Having the Group Macro palette would make it more practical to use a Group Palette setting one shortcut, once.

Why: Otherwise, I need to use a Conflict Palette instead, and need to set the same shortcut for every macro to get the Highlight feature.



The Conflict Palette can afford to have simple keys as triggers because it appears and then disappears immediately.

The Global Macro Palette cannot because it stays available all the time. And it does not have to Shrink, like it does by default. It could possibly be implemented so that if it shrinks, then when it expands it has keys available, but then why - since you are already hovering your mouse over it anyway.

Mistyped, meant a Group palette, not the Global one.

When I activate a Group Palette for one action, it’d be great if it highlighted the first character.

Edit: Found a solution for now. Found how to use conflict palettes better.

Note: Still think Group Palettes should highlight the first character, to make them work on keyboards.