Feature Request: Hyper key

As the title says, ability to create hyper keys, replacing Karabiner, BTT, Hammerspoon, etc.,
This would also help concilie keystroke management and provide better integration, as BTT has recently done.

Also ideally supports Short and Long Press triggers


Noted, but I don't know if this will happen. Remapping keys is a very low level feature.

Ideally Apple would support allowing the caps lock key to be a Hyper key directly, since they already allow it to be configured in the system preferences.

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So just to be sure.

HyperKey (with cap lock set as the hyper key) does NOT work in the hot key trigger area of KM latest version?

The hyper key on its own - no.

I've used Karabiner Elements to map Caps Lock to the Hyperkey combination and I use it in conjunction with other keys to trigger numerous macros like this:
KM 0 2021-06-18_15-37-21

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@keyskeys my request is to be able to add the ability to do the remapping as part of KM, without the need of any other tool/app.
So, my expectation would be KM to have a feature to create an hyperkey, similar to what BTT and Karabiner do, where you can assign a key (ie CapsLock) to work as other keys.