Feature Request: in "Set Next Engine Window Position", Also Set Size and Title, if Possible

While all of that "Set Next Engine Window Position" action code is in your head, might it be possible to also set the size of the "Next Engine Window", if a size can be set?

Frequently I would like to be able to set the size of "Display Text in Window" windows, expecially when I'm displaying more than one at a time. "Set Next Engine Window Position" is a start, but it's only partial. As is, the first "Display Text in Window" widows is usually noticeably larger or smaller than following windows, which then tend to be all the same size, but I'm at a loss for how that is determined. If I'm using the "Set Next Engine Window Position" to show the steps of processing data side by side, as part of my debugging, having one window a different size is annoying.

In many cases I would like to be able to set the size of "Display Text Large". If my text has only two or three characters, it completely fills the screen, so large as to be almost unreadable as my eyes can only take in a part of each character at one time. I can make the size of the text smaller by adding spaces before and after, but being able to set the size, or set the maximum size, would be nice.

It would also be nice to be able to change the title of the "Display Text in WIndow" window. Right now, all such text windows have the same title, "Keyboard Maestro - Display Text". That lets me know that it was produces by a "Display Text" action, but it rare that that's the information I need. Being able to include a variable name or the macro name would be useful.



This works for Display Text in a Window, here at least:

I understand that for many Engine Windows, it's not possible to set a size, so it could be confusing to specify a size parameter that cannot be used.

How about adding to the "Set Next Engine Window Position", an optional dropdown:

IF Next Engine Window Is:

Display Text Window
Alert action
Custom HTML Prompt action
Display Progress action
Prompt for User Input action
Prompt With List action
Prompt for Screen Rectangle action
Prompt for File action
Show Palette of Macros action

Set Width: __________ Set Height: __________
Set Title: _______________________________

After the option is chosen, then any parameters that are relevant to that particular dialog, size, title, etc., are made available to set. Obviously if the Next Engine Window is not the type that has been chosen, you just get the default behavior and can only set the position.

That way the macro does not have to have precognition.

Or put the height, width, title, etc. parameters in the individual window actions.