Feature Request: Insert Action Above

Hi @peternlewis,

Is there an easy to insert an action above the selected one?

The default "Insert an Action" adds an action below the selected one. But I often find myself needing to add an action to the top of a macro, e.g., a comment action with instructions to use the macro. Every time, I had to add it below the first action and then switch their position.

I was thinking something like: Shift Ctrl Cmd A hotkey will bring up the search action window and then insert the action above the selected one (i.e., adding the Shift key to ask KM to insert the action above the selected one).

Currently, we can already paste above the action from the SystemClipboard, which is very handy. I just want to extend this function to insert above.




As a workaround, moving selected action below may be easily accomplished by a simple Cut action followed by a Paste action.

I'm pretty happy with this workaround solution if the requested insert an action above is not implemented.

To integrated it in an inserting an action, we can simulate left click first to selected the action below which we just inserted the new action and move it below.

Yes, very useful! @peternlewis :bowing_man:



Done for the next version. Shift when double clicking or pressing return in an action selector or Insert Action by Name, or when selecting insert a specific action from the menu will insert the action above the current selection.


Thanks, Peter!
And your solution is much better.
Please tell us the v10 is to released VERY SOON! :grin:

It will be released when its ready.


And fortunately, your definition of "ready" is a lot better than some other companies' definition. Take your time and get it right, like you always do. We're impatient as a rule, but we also really appreciate your dedication to releasing stuff that works. :smile:

And in that rare instance where something breaks, you're really quick to give us a solution. Honestly, you're The Man. :wink:


Couldn't have expressed it better myself. I feel like Peter actually cares about testing his product before releasing it as opposed to most companies that release a slapped together product and have the consumer test it.