Feature Request: Keyboard Backlight Action

MacBooks have backlit keyboards built-in. It would be helpful if we could automate switching them off, when using an external keyboard for example. There doesn’t appear to be any actions for controlling the backlight.

Generally for this sort of problem you should search for an AppleScript solution to toggle the MacBook keyboard backlight.

But the best I could find for this is Toggle keyboard backlight ON/OFF using applescript.

Ok, thanks.

Nice work by the way. Keyboard Maestro is one of my favourite apps. I’ve got a couple of Cherry G84-4700 programmable keypads, and Keyboard Maestro makes it easy to do all sorts of cool stuff with them too.

Hey Carl,

It looks like there’s a command-line program to do this.

It would appear there’s a downloadable binary, and it’s available from Macports and Homebrew.




Cheers Chris. Nice one.