Feature Request - KM Errors should use %ExecutingThisMacro%

When KM generates an error, like “Action Failed”, I think it should identify the macro using the new %ExecutingThisMacro% token, instead of %ExecutingMacro%. It would make it easier to track down where an error occurred.

Hi @DanThomas, Probably a good suggestion maybe. I really got a surprise last month when a Statement Download KM action fired off. So since it was so easy to do I added a “speak text” script step at the beginning of all my scripts that run based on emails I received. This gives me a heads up when I launch mail and one starts to fire off. Works but maybe there are better ways. Just thought I would mention it.

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Hey Dan, I know you’re working on some macro mgt utils, and this thought just popped up:

Would it be useful to have a macro that listed all macros that are triggered by something other than a direct user action (like hotkey, status menu, typed string, etc) ?

This might help identify macros that are executing when you don’t expect them.

If we don’t already have something like that, I could certainly come up with something, in the future. I don’t want to get sidetracked right now, but I could look into it later.

A while back I changed my KM Status Icon to the older icon - the one with the hand and fingers over a key. I’ve noticed that the fingers tap when a macro’s being executed.


All the status icons animate. Some are more subtle than others, that is also why there are Iconaholic Loud and Lourder versions.

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I use Iconaholic Loud, so I know for certain when Keyboard Maestro is running.


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