Feature Request: Lock macro (not editable)

Hi, I'd like to be able to Lock a macro, so it's uneditable
Why: to help avoid making a change.


I agree, that would be very helpful.

A number of times a KM Macro had focus when I thought some other window had focus, and I accidentally changed it, without knowing it had been changed.

Yes, I try to turn EDIT mode OFF when I am not actively working in the KM Editor, but at this point the large majority of my macros are finished (at least for now).

Locking a Macro when I'm done would be ideal.

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exactly! edited a macro by mistake and the idea popped up

I agree that a lock feature would be nice. Accidentally running a macro that involves multiple keystrokes (including tabs) can quickly damage a macro while KM is frontmost. Until Peter implements a lock, a partial workaround is to transfer global macros that DON'T involve KM to a new group that is set to be available to everything EXCEPT KM.