[Feature Request] Macro group description

I would like to see a description field for macro groups. It would be nicer than hacks such as creating a macro called “Group Description”. I realize that groups are rather ephemeral, in that macros can be added by import or the user, or removed or moved by the user, but often enough a set of imported macros would go into its own group to be worth having a description for the group.

Anything is possible, but just like for macros, there is no good place to put such a description that wouldn’t be a lot of extra clutter that is rarely used.

Hey Peter,

What about providing a notes field in the macro inspector window?


How about here?

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See How to package a palette group and sub macros it uses? for another argument in favor of group descriptions — using comment macros within a palette group for descriptions puts the comment macros on the palette.

So just disable the Comment macro and then it wont appear.