Feature Request: Macro Group Name Always Displayed in Macro

Hey @peternlewis,

This request is a follow-on to the “Jump to Selection” request.

It is VERY handy to have the macro group displayed in the upper right corner of the macro when doing a search:

It is NOT convenient that the same macro group is not displayed under normal circumstances.

This is the very same macro, but I cannot tell at a glance where it is...

The current macro group is not visible.

Not knowing were you are in the Keyboard Maestro Editor can get you into trouble and cause data loss.

Undo is not always a good remedy for this, because you may have no idea whatsoever what you're undoing.

Please consider making the UI fully consistent in this way by always providing the macro group breadcrumb in the macro.



+1 for this. :+1:

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This has been requested before.

I probably wont do it for the same reasons I haven't done it before - less clutter for new users.

I strongly disagree with that reasoning.

New users will be helped rather than hindered by having that information always available.

It makes the UI more consistent as well, and this does nothing but help all users.



@peternlewis, I totally agree.
I have made errors, deleted the wrong macro or action, and wasted a LOT of time because it was NOT clear which Macro Group the Macro belongs to.

This is NOT clutter. It is ESSENTIAL imformation.