[Feature Request] Macro group priority

What do you think of the idea of being able to assign priority number (e.g., 0-5) to macro groups. Say I have the same shortcut trigger assigned to multiple. Right now, KM (11.0.3) pops up a window asking me which macro I want to run.

With macro group priority, KM would automatically pick the macro that is in the higher priority group. (If the macros are in groups with same priority, it'd fall back to previous behavior.)

This way, I can set it up so, for example, a shortcut key and do something specific in an app, and something more general in all other apps.

Hope this makes sense

The usual practice is to define which applications are covered by a particular macro group.

  1. Ctrl-click a particular group, and
  2. adjust the setting of Available in these applications.

Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 7.10.52 PM


Your ideas are always welcome. It makes some sense, sure, but you didn't indicate whether you wanted your idea to apply to only hotkeys, or also to USB device keys, or also to Gesture triggers, or maybe also MIDI keys, or perhaps ALL triggers. These are big design decisions that need to be made. Your idea is perfectly valid, but it isn't completely defined.

In my opinion, the primary consideration (not the only consideration) is whether the idea provides new tools that cannot easily be implemented in alternative ways. It seems to me that there are alternative ways in this case. Here are some options:

  1. KM allows you to enable/disable macro groups programmatically, which allows you to "prioritize" groups by disabling them or re-enabling them. This would give you more control than a numerical prioritization list.
  2. You could combine the two macros in separate groups into the same macro, with the prioritization logic placed inside the new macro.
  3. You could assign specific groups to specific apps (see previous post for an example.)
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