Feature Request: "Modifier Key + Click" Macro in Palette to Locate the Macro in the KM Editor

I'm wondering if there are possibilities to take advantage of the modifier keys when a palette of macros is activated.
What I can think of now is to have a modifier key + click to--instead of execute the macro--locate the macro in the KM editor for further editing.

@peternlewis, is it possible?

Hey Martin,

Try Click



Hi Chris,
Wow~It already existed! I'm embarrassed. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you so much!!!
I went searched the wiki on Show Palette of Macros and did not see this. Maybe it is mentioned somewhere else and I missed it. If not, it would be great if the wiki admins can add this to the wiki page!

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Option-clicking (or double-click) works in the Trigger Macro by Name dialog and perhaps some other places as well.


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I'm curious about how you discover these tricks, just try and see, or there are some other sources?

Option is used to mean Edit or Help all through Keyboard Maestro.

Option select macros in the status menu, option click in the palettes, selecting actions or functions or tokens in the menu, etc.

It is documented for the Global Macro Palette, but I don't know how well it is documented elsewhere.

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