Feature Request – MS Windows-Like Application Switcher


I would like to stop using AltTab in favour of KM.

I know of Window Switcher and Application Switcher, but I find that both have their limitations.

  • Window Switcher gives a list of all windows for the current app and allows to toggle between recent windows by pressing and releasing a shortcut.
  • You can toggle between apps with arrows. You can't toggle between recent apps by pressing and releasing a shortcut and have to use arrows.
  • Sometimes you have to hold shift to be able to toggle between apps.
  • Apps are not sorted based on recent usage.
  • Application Switcher gives a list of all apps.
    • But no list of opened windows for each app.
    • You can toggle between recent apps by pressing and releasing a shortcut.

Because of the limitation of Application Switcher I need to use another shortcut to activate Window Switcher to get to some windows, and because of quirky need for using shift & no easy way to toggle between recent windows across apps in Window Switcher I have to use Application Switcher.

I want the best of both worlds – similar to AltTab – but I don't want to use AltTab because it requires screen recording access and there is currently no way around it.

I wonder if following improvements are possible for Window Switcher:

  • Sort apps by recent usage, similar to Application Switcher.
  • Allow to toggle between windows by pressing Tab (similar to Shift + arrow right) for switching to next app or Shift (similar to Shift + arrow left) for switching to previous app.
  • Continue to allow using arrow up/down to switch between open windows.

Alternatively, adding a list of windows under applications for Application Switcher, sorted by recent usage and allowing to choose a window with up/down arrows would achieve the same results.

That would make the experience for switching between recent windows much nicer.

What do you think?

I think you're probably barking up the wrong tree...

Why does AltTab's need for screen recording access bother you? Keyboard Maestro also wants this for various functionality.

Peter hasn't substantively changed the App-Switcher or Window-Switcher in ages, although that doesn't mean he won't.

Feature changes have to demonstrably appeal to a significant enough number of users to make the effort and expense worthwhile.


I don't have any specific plans to make changes to the application or window switcher at this point.

I can't imagine adding windows to the application switcher.

And the window switcher’s primary purpose is switching windows, so I'm not sure I'm going to add more functionality related to switching applications in it.

Got it guys, thank you.

Can you think of a way how I may get all open windows across apps and somehow achieve what I want with sorted apps by recent use with KM?

I wonder if with some direction I may be able to get to the state I want. Or you really think it is not what it should be used for?


Personally I don't think Keyboard Maestro is the best tool for the job...

Could it be done?

  • You'd have to keep track of application switches.
  • You'd have to be able to list all windows in all apps.

I think you could probably do it if you invest a few months of development time, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it.

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Try the fabulous window-switching utility Witch, which I could not live without any more than I could live without Keyboard Maestro. It may do what you want!