Feature Request: No visible line limit for "the lines in: Text" etc

Hi there,
I'm finding for certain use cases I place more lines in the text block of an action such as a "For– The lines in: Text" than can be seen (looks like the limit is ~26 lines), and I often find myself wishing I could see all the text at once when I'm editting it.

Just a thought. Loving Keyboard Maestro!

I think that's very unlikely to happen due to various UI issues, but @peternlewis is the arbiter of such things.

You could always write a macro to edit the contents of the action in BBEdit.

You can grab the XML of an action like so:

tell application "Keyboard Maestro"
   set actionXML to xml of item 1 of (get selection)
end tell

From there you can parse it and drop it into BBEdit.

OR – you can select the actual text in the action and use various means to get it into BBEdit.