Feature Request: Option to Highlight Mouse Cursor for the "Move and Click Mouse" Action

Hi @peternlewis,

Can you add an option to highlight the mouse cursor upon move or click the mouse to the "Move and Click Mouse" action?


Something similar to the "Hilite location with target" action:


In some cases, I'd like to see where the macro is moving the mouse cursor to and/or click. The action is done so quick, human eyes cannot follow the mouse cursor, especially when I choose to restore mouse position after click (my default option).

It will also be useful when we make demo videos for others.
There are apps dedicated to highlight mouse clicks and keystrokes. But I still think it is useful. KM's highlight will only work with KM-automated mouse clicks, so viewers can see which click is by human hand and which is by KM macro.


Another good idea. That same highlight action (with some slight adjustments) can be used to show the mouse location immediately after it moves. You may need a slight pause between the click and highlight actions (0.1 seconds would be enough). In my testing it even shows the location if the mouse has been restored (though sometimes it shows the restored location instead, I'll try and find a workaround for this). Try it out and see if it works for you!

Highlight Location Action (v10.0.2)

Highlight Location.kmactions (659 B)


In case the above action does not work reliably by itself, this is another way of doing it. You would disable restoring the mouse to it's original location in the click action, because the two cyan colored actions does that for you.

The downside to this method is that there is a noticeable delay because of the highlight action, but it may work for you.

Highlight mouse location.kmmacros (3.6 KB)


Thanks, Chris.
One of the great things about KM is that we can often find a way to get the feature being requested. So, a lot of feature requests are just making things a little easier to build macros. :laughing:

I hear ya! I imagine you probably had probably already figured out a workaround, but I figured I would put in my $0.02 for posterity's sake haha :laughing:

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@martin, if only with KM, then with the macros from @cdthomer. I myself use a $2.99 app for that:


It's all customizable and very helpful when working with screen transfers (TeamViewer, etc.).

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I gotta say your videos you post here are outstanding, thanks for sharing some info on how you do them!


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Thank you @cdthomer :+1:

It came out of necessity as I was a very lazy student (German) and didn't take English class that seriously.
So I learned KM via video tutorials and I'm certainly not alone :wink:

Before it comes with my English translations (DeepL) to misunderstandings, I prefer to make a short video to demonstrate the function of my macros.

Hi @appleianer,

Thanks for the recommendation.
It looks to me that you have all kinds of apps installed!

I myself also use a similar app: ‎Visualize - Display Your Keystrokes and Mouse Clicks on the Mac App Store
It's $4.99.
I used to use Mouseposé - Highlight your mouse pointer and cursor position | Boinx Software. I did not find "Presentation Assistant" when I was searching for cheaper alternatives.

Still, I think the feature could be handy, as we don't need a third-party app at all if we want the mouse click animation with KM automated clicks only.

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@martin I agree with you. When creating the move or mouse click action, a vialization would be beneficial.

Women have shoes, I have apps.... :rofl:

Over the years, a little bit comes together. Thanks to KM, they don't have to run permanently in the background.

The app shown above is quickly switched on when needed.


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Honestly I would never have known English was not your first language if you hadn't just told me :grin::+1:t2:

@cdthomer that speaks for the quality of DeepL.
Of course I use for the translation also with a KM macro.... is a matter of honor :wink:


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Do you use the free version of DeepL? If so, can you share your macro? It looks great!

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I've already written a macro to show the mouse as it moves, as if a human were moving it. Now I could have moved the mouse linearly with the same speed, or I could have moved the mouse in a more human like way with acceleration. I did it the latter way, because I wanted my mouse movement to pass captcha tests and things like that. I doubt that anyone in the world needs this, so I never uploaded it.

In fact, in one of my routines, there are multiple derivatives used to emulate human motion, with randomness thrown in. I don't really know the mathematics of human hand motion... e.g., if you take the derivative of a human hand accelerating, is the slope a straight line, or a parabola, or an even higher polynomial? So in one of my macros I just recorded sample motions of my mouse from A to B and then replayed that motion at a magnification to get the mouse from a different point A to B. That seemed to work wonderfully.


@martin yes, that is the free version. I will send you the macros in a DM. Give me a moment.

@Sleepy I am always happy to hear about new possibilities. Would you upload the macro?

I have a dozen macros that do something like this. I'm always updating these macros because I'm never 100% satisfied how they work. (Emulating human behaviour is a far more complex subject than most people would imagine.) So I'm not sure if any of them are fully debugged. Let me go check my library and see if any of them are worth releasing. I was most proud of my macro which recorded human movement and replayed that to move the mouse. It's also fun to watch. Let me see if I can dig that one up.

Looks very interesting and inspiring. Please post them. Who knows someone someday might be able to use some of them. :wink:

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I will look for it, and consider uploading it, probably as a separate thread, since the scope of that macro gies beyond this thread. However now that I'm awake, I'm required to go get some food.

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I would be interested in these too if you’re feeling generous. I use Linguee.com for my job it’s based on DeepL and I just recently redownloaded the app but haven’t really delved into it much.