Feature Request: Paste Above

Hi @peternlewis

Could you please add a function to the Edit menu titled "paste above". I'd love to be able to copy some actions in the editor and then paste them above some other action. At the moment I have to scroll all the way down below the first action (which can be large if it's a group) to find the pasted actions, and then drag them all the way back up.

I realise now that somebody will probably tell me to use the keyboard more!

Anyway, that's my feature request. Cheers (and thanks for developing KM).

Have you seen this neat feature? :wink: (I think it's new on KM10)

Screen Shot 2022-02-13 at 07.38.51


Not yet, but that looks sweet. @peternlewis I've marked the context menu item as the solution, but I'd still like to see it in the edit tab of the menubar if possible. Just so it's easier to assign a keyboard shortcut to it mostly.

Edit: see marked solution in this thread.


You know you can make your own Keyboard Maestro shortcut in System Preferences, right?


It’s already in the main menu. So, you can already assign a shortcut. I’ve had a keyboard shortcut for this for ages (definitely before KM10).


Another solution (since I don't think even I realized it was already in the menu bar) would be something like this:

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Sorry everybody, I didn't look in the actions menu, just the edit menu. It is indeed there in the menubar.