[Feature Request] Play Sound: Set to Asynchronous


It would be nice to be able to set the Play Sound action to Asynchronous execution.

Use Case:

  • Sometimes I set a sound to play along with an Alert Action.
  • I do this by placing Play Sound before Alert Action.
  • Without async, it feels slow, because the alert window has to wait until the sound has finished playing.
  • Async would make it feel like the sound and alert window were triggering simultaneously.

Admittedly, placing Play Sound after the Alert Action (or any other I guess) is pretty close. But not quite :smile:


Put the Play Sound action in its own macro, and use the Execute a Macro action to execute it asynchronously.

Peter, you have an option to play a sound in the Notification Action, but not in the Alert Action. It seems to me that the Alert Action begs for a sound.

Could you please add a sound option to the Alert Action.

Sounds are part of the notification API, which is why they are included.

Normally I don’t like including the functionality of an action in another application (orthogonality and all that), but you’re right that an Alert often wants a sound, so I’ll ponder it.

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This is exactly why I didn’t ask for this originally. Knowing that it goes against this principal.

And this is exactly what I was trying to avoid :wink: (Additional, and unnecessary, macro clutter).

Isn’t the best of both worlds (assuming you think it’s worth it) to add async capability to the Play Sound action?

Done for the next version.