Feature Request: Replace condition

We could have an extra button called "Replace" next to the "Add" and "Remove" on all places where this is a feature (triggers, actions, etc).

So instead of having to remove one condition and then click the + to add a new one, we could have a 3rd button (let's say a yellow one with a different symbol) that would open the same menu with all the different options and it would replace the current condition with the one we choose. It's just an extra step that could be removed.


My take on that would be, instead of a third button, clicking the name of the condition (in this case "The Finder's selection") would allow you to select a different one from a dropdown. This is how it's done in a lot of other apps. I know you use Hazel, and conditions are managed as slots like this.


Yes, or that. I find myself clicking the name of the condition sometimes.