Feature Request: Stop Popping the "Actions" window

I thought I had requested this before, but I can't find it, so I'll request it again.

I don't use the Actions window.

I only ever use Insert Action by Name, or some method of my own invention. I find it very annoying to have the Actions window pop up all the time.

So I'm requesting a Preference setting where I can disable this window. Even a "secret" preference would be OK.

As I type that last sentence, I have a strong sense of deja vu, so my apologies if I'm repeating myself, although as I said, I can't find a topic with this request. Perhaps I'm search-impaired.

Anyway, that's my request. Thanks.


I actually use the Actions panel once and a while when I'm looking for something, but I rarely use it to insert an action – so when it pops up by itself it is nearly always in my way.

So. I don't want to completely disable the Actions Panel, but I would like to stop it from popping up without my explicit consent.


Yes, that's actually what I meant. Thanks for re-stating it.

Yes, I agree, the automatic appearance of the action category selector pane is no longer needed once you are using Insert Action by Name. You would still be able to display it with the menu command (Show Actions, Command-K).

But it is probably still needed for users initially, so I haven’t done anything yet - I could just add a hidden preference, but it seems it deserves more.

If that is quick and easy for you, then maybe you could work that into the next minor update, with a change to KM Preferences coming later.


Hey Peter,

Why not add a hidden pref until you decide what more is?

What are the possible options? A couple of ideas:

  • A Hidden Preference
  • A Visible Preference
  • Clicking in an Action Field in a Macro only selects it.
  • Double-clicking brings up either Insert Action by Name or the Action Selector Pane.
  • Right-Clicking in an Action Field brings up an Insert Favorites menu.

What else?


Done for the next version.

  • Added contextual menu to New Action pseudo-action.
  • Added option to disable automatically showing the Action Selector.

That's great Peter.

Would it be possible to also add a shortcut key to show the Action Selector?

You mean, like Cmd-K? :slight_smile:

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Yep. Wow! Peter is really fast in responding! LOL

BTW, did you know that when the Action Selector is showing, pressing ⌘K will hide it?

I knew he was a god!

BTW, did you know that when the Action Selector is showing, pressing ⌘K will hide it?

Yes, and I make use of it frequently. :slight_smile:

Has this been released yet? I can’t find a setting.

Control click on the No Action space.

Auto Show Actions is at the bottom of the contextual menu.

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Just to be explicitly clear to all readers:

In a new Macro:

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