Feature request: Token for last macro execution date/time

I have a number of macros that store their last execution time in a variable so that I can variously manage timed executions and calculations based on elapsed time since prior execution. This creates a rather henious quantity of custom variables that are hard to keep track of. I would love to see two tokens/environment variables added for:

  • Last Execution of Current Macro (when the macro being run was last executed)
  • Last Execution of Any Macro in a Current Macro Group (as above, but based on all macros in the macro group of the executing macro)
  • Last Execution of Any Macro (the last time KM was triggered in any fashion)
  • Last Execution of Specific Macro (the last time a macro defined in the token was executed)
  • Last Execution of a Macro in a Specific Macro Group (as above, but based on all macros in a defined macro group)

The top one is the most useful, but the others could be very useful as well. These also lend themselves to simple conditionals based on last execution.

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