Feature Request: %TriggerValue% to Edit Macro

Feature Request: An "Edit" %TriggerValue% that reveals the macro in the Editor.

I often find myself wanting an "edit" or "go to macro" in various macros, which I sometimes incorporate via AppleScript and the macro UUID.

In experimenting with passing parameters to the Trigger Macro by Name Action, which allows you to follow the search string with // + (insert parameter here) to pass a % TriggerValue% to the selected macro, I thought it would be handy if //edit would go directly to the macro in the Editor.

In other words, the %TriggerValue% of "edit" would be interpreted natively by any macro as "go to macro" in lieu of adding an action(s) to individual macros to do so using AppleScript or some other method.

@peternlewis, I'm not sure if this reasonable or a slippery slope, or maybe there's an existing/alternative way to do this that I am missing, but it would be a cool feature.

There are lots of ways of editing a macro given its name or UUID, but this is not likely to be one of them.

tell app "Keyboard Maestro" to editMacro "UUID"

I'm surprised Peter didn't already mention this, but you can already open a macro selected in the Trigger Macro by Name action in the KM editor just by holding down the Option key when you hit Enter.


Good to know! I didn't see that documented in the wiki. Thanks

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