Feature Request(?) - Use Global Variable to control when Macro Group is Enabled

I generally use Available in these applications to control when to activate a macro group.
But as the number of macros and the number of macro groups increase, I need more ways to do this.
Please see the example. I want to set a macro group only activated when a specific application is not installed on this mac. How to do this.
My thought is that, I create a global variable:
I have a startup-macro, triggered by system login. One important function of this macro is that it initializes some global variable at the beginning of everyday.
In this macro, i extract all installed application names, build a list, and check if application XXX is in this list. if yes,
set IfApplicationXXXInstalled to yes
if no,
set IfApplicationXXXInstalled to no
And please look at the below picture (made in Photoshop):

So the KM will check the value of variable IfApplicationXXXInstalled
then decide if activate the macro group.

And since the variable condition is one part of If-Then-Else action. so I have further question: if we can bring whole condition system of If-Then-Else action into macro-group-activation-control-system.
If this request is too much, only add variable condition to macro-group-activation-system can change a lot.

My plan is:
macro group 01 -- available when variable-01 matches [yY][eE][sS]
macro group 02 -- available when variable-02 matches [yY][eE][sS]
macro group 03 -- available when variable-03 matches [yY][eE][sS]
macro group N -- available when variable-N matches [yY][eE][sS]

So I can use macro (incl startup-macro) to setup variable-01 02 03 ...
to control when to activate each one of macro group-01 02 03...

I think this will be very powerful.