Feature Requests - Group Groups and a Second Window

I'd like to submit the following feature request.

The ability to organize Groups into subgroups or folders. I've got 79 groups, which is far fewer than many other users. I've got groups for palettes, groups for applications, groups for this, groups for that. It would be very helpful (to me, at least) to be able to create a group called "Applications" and move all my app-specific macro groups into it, to move all my palettes into a "Palettes" group, and so on. It would make for better organization, in my opinion.

The second feature request I'd like to make is to cast my vote for @benlandis 's #2 feature request, specifically: Ability to open a second editor window to better facilitate viewing/editing two macros at once.


I'd like to second this.

I'd also third this, with the suggestion of turning the UI of KM into a multi-window interface: one each for macro groups, macros, actions and editing.

This has been discussed before.

Opening a second editor window is, unfortunately, extremely technically challenging due to design decisions that date back decades.

This has been done for the next version.


Peter, many thanks for overcoming the technical challenges and providing us with this very useful, helpful tool. It will be a big benefit to both beginning and experienced KM users.