Feature suggestion: Add a setting to configure Display Large Text

Hi Peter,

I have several macros set up to display data or lists using Display Large Text. For example, here is one that displays time zones:

Sometimes (particularly for long lists), the display disappears too quickly.

Would it be possible to add a setting to Display Large Text that allows the user to set how long the text appears? Something like one to twelve seconds?

Alternatively, maybe add a setting that displays the text until it is clicked?

Thanks for considering my suggestion!


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@peternlewis gave me this.
Set a variable and then write the 'pref' by using an 'execute shell script'.

defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine DisplayLargeTextDisplayPeriod -float $KMVAR_Large_Display_Time

"Large_Display_Time" is my variable.

If Then Else.kmactions (1.7 KB)


Thanks Troy. Does this last through restarts? Or do you have to trigger the macro at every start?

I believe it does since it is written to the applications preference file and I don't see that the app sets it upon start-up. I'd be glad to test it, I'm just in a position for this half day that I cannot restart. sorry, - test it and see. -

Hey Jim,

Yes. The change is permanent, unless/until you change it again.


Thanks Chris. When I saw it as a macro, it occurred to me that it might need to be run regularly.

Sorry, just found this thread after posting the query on another: can you change the pref on the fly, or does the engine have to be relaunched each time you change the display time?

Hey Frederico,

Try it and see.   :sunglasses:


Now that I'm home, I will; at the time I was sitting in a doctor's waiting room, and thinking about how to resolve KM issues; but thanks for the advice.