File Change Triggers Fail After Reboot

I’m having an issue with file change triggers not working after a reboot.

I’m using several in my macros which continue to work perfectly until I reboot my Mac and then they cease to function – until I make a change to the triggers file path or change any other options in the trigger and then the trigger will continue to function normally again until I reboot.

The triggers point to a locally attached USBC hard drive.

This is really causing me an issue as I have to remember to manually fix each trigger every time I reboot.

Is anyone else having this issue or found a solution?

My guess is that the device is being mounted after the Keyboard Maestro Engine starts, and so the path does not exist when the macro is activated.

Add another macro that triggers when the hardddisk is mounted, and at that point disable and enable the macro (using the Set Macro or Group Enable action), which will force the macro to reactivate and see the now existing path.