Filemaker triggering KM macro with parameter containing /'s

Hi, I've been here before but couldn't find the old thread.
Here is the string I'm wanting to pass to KM
I'm using the URL trigger of:
FMP talks just fine to KM, I can get a simple text string into the 'whatever' parameter and it shows fine.
But then I put the string above into the place of the parameter, it doesn't come across.
I'm pretty sure something to do with the forward slashes, / -
I can get it to work by copying the string I want to the clipboard and then pick it up in KM but that's sort of 'country programming' =),
I appreciate any help.

Hey @troy,

My best guess is that you need to encode the “Whatever” part of the string with a Filter action.

You might also have to adjust the processing of tokens in the open URL action's gear menu.


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Would it maybe work to surround Whatever in "double straight quotes"?

That will work as long as there's no double-quite in Whatever.

@ccstone's encoding idea is the best way to go

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