Files "Send To..." macros

A set of macros to take the selected finder item and move it to various destinations. I have these set up to trigger on ⌘→ and it brings up a palette of many useful actions. Included in this set are:

  • Zip to a specific folder
  • 7Zip to a specific folder
  • Move to a folder
  • Upload to Slack
  • Send to LaunchBar
  • Attach to an email in Outlook

Most of these individual macros are pretty simple (Slack and 7Zip being the more complex ones), but it may spark some ideas on how to use palettes.

EDIT: Added a Workflow document used by the "Zip to Outbox" macro. You'll need to edit the macro to point to wherever you save this to.

Finder - Send To.kmmacros (115.2 KB)

Zip selection to (27.0 KB)


Looks good. Zip to Outbox uses a Workflow at an explicit path in an explicit home directory, so it will not work.

Good catch, @peternlewis, I’ve added it to the above post.