Fill a Web Form After Copying a Row From Google Sheets

Hello Everybody,

This is my first post although I've been working with keyboard maestro for almost a year now.

In my organization my colleagues fill a google sheet file with some information. Here's an example:

Cvlac - Google Sheets

Then, I must go to a website and fill some fields, press radio buttons, choose in drop down menus, press links that have emerging windows and upload files.

I'm attempting to automate the whole process by simply copying the row and filling the form according to the information. So far I have successfully copied the row and completed some fields and drop down menus with the information from the (A-F) cells. Here's what I can't do:

  • Tell KM to choose a specific radio button that matches the exact name of the (G) cell
  • Tell KM to first click the link "Buscar", then paste the (H) cell, select the exact name of the cell from a list and finally push a button of the emerging window.
  • Tell KM to to first click the link "Añadir", then navigate through dropdown menus from an emerging window depending on the information from the (I) cell.

This is what i have so far using some of the macros I found in the forum:

libro de investigación.kmmacros (4.7 KB)

Is this task possible from only copying a single row?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Jorge,

You macro seems to be generally on the right track, but it's hard to tell without testing. I think you may be doing some things the hard way.

Quite a lot of automation is possible with Google Sheets.

I haven't used any of these tools myself, so I can't comment on how good they are.


Hi @ccstone. Thanks for the information. I saw the video and the webpage and what I got from it is that using applescript and google sheets many things are possible, including what I'm trying to do. The thing is I'm not very proficient yet at coding hence why I'm trying to figuring it out in KM.