Filling in online form with manual date entry

Is there a way I can begin a macro and then have it pause for me to enter a date manually in a field (needs to be DD/MM/YYYY format) and then continue with the remainder of the macro??

The reason being (see screenshot below), is the "Support Category" field (top right corner) can only be clicked once a date is already entered into the "Support Start Date" field (top left corner).

The simplest solution would likely be an alert action. It pops up with a dialog box and waits for the user to dismiss it before continuing.


Hi, @lammers01. If I’m properly interpreting your question, I think you’d want to:

  1. Manually move to the field.
  2. Trigger a macro.
  3. In the macro, use the Prompt for User Input action and then the Insert by Pasting or Insert by Typing action to populate the field (with a value entered in the Prompt for User Input dialog).

The macro actions above could be used in a more complex macro that might, for instance: start your browser, open the entry form, advance to the first date field, complete the steps mentioned above, advance to the second date field, repeat the steps mentioned above, etc.

I’m assuming you want to manually type values rather than use the date picker provided on the form.