Filter for Focus/Select Chrome Field


For webpages that contain a lot of input fields and droplist fields, the Focus/Select Google Chrome Field actions contain a large list of available fields. It would be nice if user could filter this list.



Hey Peter,

I agree... :sunglasses:

It would be nice if there was a filter field...

If that's too much trouble or to much UI for you then what about an export item?

  • Export to Clipboard?
  • Export to File?
  • Export to TextEdit?
  • Export to a Keyboard Maestro Display Text window?
  • A text token for the Front Browser?
  • Or we could just post a macro on the forum that did it (and maybe in the KM Library)?

If I knew how to search for that XPath I'd just do it, but my JS-fu is not strong enough – and I don't have time to do the research right now.


Noted, but it probably will never be a sufficient priority to make the cut of things I do.

Probably you are better off learning how to use the tools in the web browser to find the XPath or ID of the desired item.

You don't happen to know the basic search code off the top of your head do you?

Not really, I'm not nearly a good enough web developer, it's a skill I wish I was better at.

Okay, I'll look into it another day. Thanks.


That is not going to be practical because of following reasons:

  • In order to create those selection list, KM will need to run the webpage first to get those elements, and generate those listing using querySelectorAll and then analyze them. Bear in mind, webpages can be dynamically loaded.

  • Because you still need to ensure that the item you select actually match what in the webpage. You cannot assume that any of those element has meaningful id name or having id attribute so you end up using Web Console to check. In this case, you may as well using Web/Deveoper Console to get the item's css selector/xpath

Because of the above reasons, may not worthwhile to create such feature.