"Filter Variable with Quote for AppleScript" and Newline Control Character Behavior in 11.0.2

Hi. I recently upgraded to version 11, and noticed a change in how the "Filter Variable with Quote for AppleScript" action processes the newline control character \n. The following macro has different results depending on which version you run it in:

In version 10.2:

In version 11.0.2:

So it looks like "Filter Variable with Quote for AppleScript" now replaces \n with a literal "\n". This does not seem to happen with other control characters. Is this intended? I couldn't find anything about this here on the forum, or on any of the 11.0.x changelogs.
A lot of my macros make use of this action and I can work around this change just fine, but I figured I should ask if this is supposed to be happening in the first place before retroactively editing dozens of macros to accommodate for the new behavior.

First post! Thank you for all the advice, this forum is invaluable.


Yes it was changed. I can't see anything specific as to why it was changed I'm afraid. It might be something related to either the Create Calendar Event action or executing Shortcuts, as those were the other things that were worked on at that point, but the version control comment for this change is amazingly helpful “not much”.


Thank you for confirming Peter. I'll use this as an excuse to go over my macro library and implement a more elegant solution that does not involve having the same set of 2 or 3 actions duplicated across so many different macros (a hole I admittedly dug myself into out of laziness....)

Apologies if this should have been a support email instead; I just figured someone else might run into this overly specific issue in the future. Thanks again!