Final Cut Pro Riggs

Hey everyone,

I'm fairly new to Keyboard Maestro, and I was wondering if there is a way to capture what is selected in a dropdown rigg.


So I have a dropdown, and I want to figure out what the current value of the drop down is to control another dropdown.

So say in the screenshot, the value of the first dropdown is 1. I then want to have Keyboard Maestro go select 1 in the dropdown that I currently have expanded

Is this something that is possible? I hope it makes sense.

It's possible to capture the screen in a designated area and OCR the result, or you can directly OCR an area.


That might work.

The other possibility is UI-Scripting with AppleScript – IF the relevant UI elements are available to System Events.

Hey ccstone,
Thanks for the reply. The UI elements are not available to system events. So I guess my only option is to go with OCR.
Thanks for the idea.
I will research how this works.

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