Financial Analysis using KM?

I am trying to use KM to do some arbitrage calculations and maybe automate the calculations of the arbitrage amounts by regularly grabbing data from a website. Has anybody already done something like this?

  1. Get price data from website/s
  2. Compare prices
  3. Process and sort with highest return?

Since you are saying you’re “trying to use KM to do some arbitrage calculations” I assume you have already drafted some macros.

It would be helpful to see these macros and from which sites you are going to get the prices/data.

And also:

  • Are you going/planing to do this all within KM or with the help of external apps or sites?
  • What should the output be like?

Would building such a bot be faster in KM or PHP?

I want to grab prices then run calculations then make trades in sequences based upon these calculations…

Many thanks.