Find a word in a specific browser area and click on it (SOLVED)

Good morning everyone, I'm new and I have no experience.
My english is terrible so I hope you can understand me anyway.

I'm lookin' for a way to find a word (link) in a specific area of the browser (can be safary or opera) and click on it.

If the word is found so I need it to be clicked.
If the word is not present I need a refresh

All of that in loop until the word is found.

Is there someway? Thanks a lot for your help, I just want to learn more :wink:

How did you solve it?

I solved with click image.
I toke a shot of the link, I ask to KM to search it in the webpage. If the link is found click image will click in the center of the link.
If the link is not found type keystroke cmd+R

For looping the action I used β€œuntil”, and the macro continue until I stop it.

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