Find an image doesn't seem to work

Hi Guys,

I'd like use a macro that automatically closes ads.

There are two types of ads that can possibly occur. One is a vertical ad, and the other one is a horizontal advertisement. The ads keep playing for 30 seconds and then a small circle shows up with an X in the ad, which, then clicked, vanishes the ad.
The vertical ad has a X sign at the upper right part of the screen and the horizontal advertisement has a cross situated at the top central part of the screen. See the images.

I'd like the macro to auto detect the X whenever it appears and auto click it.

I tried using the "Move and Click from the Centre of the Found Image" action for each of these types, but the problem I'm having is that since the crosses can have different colours/ backgrounds, the macro isn't able to find it. Furthermore, I tried using a black image since the vertical ads don't seem to have any colour at the right part of the screen, but this doesn't seem to work aswell.

Any suggestions for solving this problem would be welcome!

Thanks in Advance
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