Find and edit hyperlink in Pages

What I am trying to complete:

  1. Search for the hyperlink in Pages
  2. Once found edit that hyperlink

The editing of the link is easy and I am sure I wont have an issue getting that to work. What I am having trouble doing is locating the hyperlink so I can edit it.

To reproduce what I am trying to do, you can do the following:

  1. have Pages open and put text like (CLICK HERE)
  2. make that a hyperlink (command k)

Now try to find that hyperlink by using the underlining link. I can’t search for the text (CLICK HERE) because it will be in multiple languages.

This is what my link looks like in pages

Send feedback ( Personalized Experience)

The link will always be the same besides where it says =Nikao. That can be any name.


I need help finding a way to search and find a hyperlink in Pages by searching for the link itself and not the text (Send feedback) If I can find it I will then be able to edit what I need.

This will be a macro to unzip a folder / delete the zip file / find the page document / open the page document / find the link / change owner in the link / save the file / close the file / compress the folder / delete the uncompressed folder.

Hey James,

As far as I can see you’re out of luck.

Find within Pages won’t find the URL under the linked text.

Nor does AppleScript see the linked URL.

tell application "Pages"
  tell front document
    body text
  end tell
end tell


Ok then I will split this macro up. Think you could help with this potion of it instead?

The feed back link looks like this Personalized Experience - Skills

I will be using (command a / command c) to copy the link then would like the macro using the clipboard to find where it says module=Nikao. I want a drop down menu with names I added that will replace “Nikao” but keep the rest of the link the same.

End result would be that it spits out the link with one change. Like this Personalized Experience - Skills

You know what. I have had someone maybe you already help me with that macro and just found it. This all has been resolved.

If you have found a solution please post it so others can see and find it later :slight_smile:

No solution for the original post. I have now since divided this into two macros and just do the middle part of the job myself manually. Fist one is very simple where it just simulates me working. Second picture and third is one macro.

Second Macro

The second Copy named clipboard (temp to system) is not needed. But it works and I did not change it.

Nikao, I don’t know if this is a viable choice for you, but I will mention it just in case it is, or maybe for others.

What you have found impossible to automate in Pages, is easily automated in Microsoft Word, using either Word VBA macro or AppleScript.

So, if Pages is not getting the job done for you, maybe MS Word is worth considering.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.