Find Area Coordinates

I'm using the "Click at Found Image" action, and I just discovered that you can get KM to find the image in a certain area of the screen, which is amazing. My issue is, how do I efficiently select/get the coordinates for the area of the screen I want to put in the fields?

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 12.07.21 AM

You might find it easier to find within a specific window. Which is - according to the wiki - an option. So, for example, you might know the image is in the top left of the window. That would help KM restrict its search.

The problem is a specific window could physically be anywhere - so restricting the search area relative to the screen could be problematic.

(NOTE: I haven’t tried this.)

The macOS screenshot tool (Cmd+Shift+4) will give you a basic way to measure things.

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Also, there is a wonderful tool that's built into KM that performs the coordinate function. It's called Mouse Display. When I first used it, I was sad for the countless times I needed to resize my windows and selections. After finding this out, I didn't even research to see how long it had been there. Since then, when I'm using it, I'm normally shaking my head in disbelief. Try it out.

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You haven't really said how you want to define the area, but some combination of:

Should be able to get you to the desired coordinates.