Find button slower than find image?

I had this macro where I was using a Pause Until action to find a button and I noticed that it was a bit slow (taking like 3 seconds after the window with the button was visible). Once I changed it to the Pause Until to find an image, it's almost instantaneous.

These options (I'm not using them at the same time, of course)
find button slower than find image

Is this the "normal" behavior? If so, is there a plausible reason for that?

Yes, finding an image can be faster than finding a button because computer just matches pictures. Looking for a button needs more process, so it may be a bit slower than image.

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I think finding a button might be more reliable though, because, IIRC sometimes you can 'click' a button before it's ready to be clicked. That might not be an issue these days, but I do remember that being an issue in the past for me. 3 seconds seems like an extraordinarily long time though, so something else might be at play here.

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thanks Jamie!

depending on the macro, I use the button option, sometimes the image. in this particular case I just need the macro to pause until the button is there so I can do something else not related to the button.
thanks for the feedback