Find image: Display, not highlighting continuously

Hey, a couple days ago noticed this,
when Display is enabled, it doesn't run all the time as it used to.
If enabled, it used to highlight continuously found image(s), and used it for fine-tuning.

Now, it only highlights when running the macro.


If I enable Display, it runs all the time, without need to press Run/Try

Any ideas?
Running Km 9.0.6 on Catalina

Is there a way to downgrade to 9.0.5 to see if that works?
EDIT: Downgraded to 9.0.5 but no luck.

so, tried - Restarting computer, - Reinstalling KM, - Downgrading, - Disabling/enabling engine,
none worked so far, ran out of ideas

So this seems like a usual case of PEBKAC.
The app (Figma) seems to have been give a minor facelift overall, and now all the clipboard screens I used stopped working...
Solution: Update clipboards to reflect changes and/or move image slider so it finds changes in the interface.

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