Find Image on Screen not working with "window with title"

Long time keyboard maestro user. I am currently using the "Find Image on Screen" action with "main screen" to find a particular image on one of my windows. I have a two monitor setup. This works great, but I want to switch it to work on a particular window with title for performance and reliability.

My window's title is "OBS 23.2.1 (mac) - Profile: Untitled - Scenes: Zelda"

When I change the options to "window with title" of "OBS 23.2.1 (mac) - Profile: Untitled - Scenes: Zelda" or "window with title containing" and "OBS 23" it doesn't find the image.

Any ideas what's going on? I tried using the "debug" menu item but it doesn't tell me much

Play around with the unique and best options for the image match

I'm currently using "Best" and it was working with the screen but not the "window with title"

Looking into the docs I stumbled on a post by Peter saying the following:
"Keyboard Maestro only looks for and sees windows in the front application"

Indeed if I bring the window to the front it fixes the problem, but that seems kinda broken and should be documented more obviously.