Find Image Then Press Not Working Like It Should

Hi There,

I want KM to search for blue buttons, and then press any key I want. in this case F5.
if works on discord, some how not everytime (strange) but it was working. until discord ist to slow on Mac.
I went to now if I run it sees the button on Chrome, it shows up 1% in orange. but it's still in (currently false) states. even it's find it. I tried some variations. and lastly, I put it "display text" to see if it triggers anything but no text will appear either.
I do the same thing with "find image then click" it works so far on "chrome" but it doesn't get it why it works for 1 hour then sometimes it stuck by the same image which works fine for hours, and then it will just stop. lol

I searched the Internet and here in the forum I read everything about find image but that doesn't help ;(

Is there another method to let me "find a button" on press this button, wait until the request is finished, then press button 2 and so on?

Here is another bug...

"currently true" it finds the button, mark as green 1% , mouse position is correct. but it doesn't click.

It's shows the green bar display in loop but doesn't click :frowning: there are 4 buttons, I do the same thing with all other buttons but the last one will not work...