"Find Next Action" When Editing a Macro


I have been using KM a lot lately, implementing with much gratitude many of the wonderful tools and pieces of advice the community has to offer. This involves some heavy editing of my macros. The search bar in the top right corner of the editor comes in handy, and thanks to it I quickly find the macros where the actions I am looking for occur. Once I start working on a specific macro though, I would like to be able to jump to the next result (i. e. next action) of my search quickly.

In text editors, searching for a term and then pressing enter or some other hot key takes you to the next find. Could someone please tell me if something similar exists for actions in a macro ? I'd be much obliged ! Edit -> Find -> Find next (Command + G) doesn't seem to work.

For the sake of clarity : the actions I am talking about are highlighted in blue, because they match the searched terms.

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I agree. I have long wished KM would support the standard Find Next command.
@peternlewis, can you please add this to the feature request list?

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Me three!!! :sunglasses:


Well it's a real honor to receive the approval of three luminaries at a time, even for such a petty trifle, thank you guys !


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