Find next empty cell in Numbers, paste variable from User Input

I'm sure this, or a similar, macro is provided in the forums. Please bear with me as I am still learning to navigate.


Breaking down the problem.

“from User Input” you would use the Prompt for User Input action which can ask for text and store it in a variable.

Pasting (or typing) the variable can be done with the Insert Text by Pasting action, with %Variable%WhateverVarName% as the text (ie, using the Variable token).

Presuming you are on a cell, you can step through cells with the arrow keys (Type a Keystroke action).

But finding an empty cell is not overly easy. Unfortunately, Numbers does not disable the Copy menu when the cell is empty, so the only way I can see to tell if a cell is empty would be to use the Copy action to copy it to the clipboard, and then test if the clipboard contents with empty using the If Then Else action, the Clipboard condition, something like:

That's not great, but unless there is an AppleScript solution or some other solution, I can't think of any way to find an empty cell.

You could perhaps Select All (Type a Keystroke Command-A, Copy that, and then search for the empty cell in the text, then go there directly.