Find Place in Finder window list (AppleScript)

I am trying to create a macro that moves a selected file in a finder window to a new pre determined location using AppleScript which works. But how do I get the selection to return to the next file in the finder window?

For example if the finder window contains the following filenames;
Name 1
Name 2
Name 3
Name 4

If my script moves file "Number 2" I would like the selectioin to comeback and select "Number 3". My file move AppleScript is as follows;

on run {input, parameters}
	set targetfolder to POSIX file "/Users/jeff/Downloads/Gathered/To Be Converted/Writing" as alias
	repeat with thefile in input
			tell application "Finder" to move ((thefile) as alias) to folder (targetfolder)
		end try
	end repeat
end run

Is it easier to coerce KM to do this or am I in need of s Shell script?

I tried this AppleScript but I'm not getting the desired results;

tell application "Finder"
    set frontWindow to front window
    if frontWindow exists then
        set currentSelection to selection
        if currentSelection is not {} then
            set selectedItem to item 1 of currentSelection
            set selectedFile to (target of selectedItem) as alias
            set currentFolder to container of selectedFile
            set fileNames to name of every file of currentFolder
            set currentIndex to item 1 of (get selectedFile's name in fileNames)
            set nextIndex to currentIndex + 1
            if nextIndex is less than or equal to (count of fileNames) then
                set nextFileName to item nextIndex of fileNames
                set nextFile to file nextFileName of currentFolder
                select nextFile
            end if
        end if
    end if
end tell

Hopefully someone can direct me to a solution or hints on this problem.

KM should serve well for your request.